Thanks to the advent of phones, and the emergence of digital tech, we’ve now got the luxury of enjoying an app in the palm of our hand. For dog owners, that’s a very real boon, as there are loads of great resources that are free to own and easy to use. We’ve pinpointed five great apps we think you’ll enjoy using, and most of all, benefit from.


Ever wondered whether a restaurant or hotel is dog-friendly? With BringFido, those questions are answered. Available on desktop at, as well as via the Android and iOS stores, BringFido provides tonnes of great locations that you can book through the app. Many have been provided by the community, so you can rest assured these are recommendations made by dog owners like you. Every $1 of every booking is currently being sent to Ukraine to help the dogs during the war, so there’s a good cause in it for you too. Check out the app, and get involved by posting a spot you’ve enjoyed in the past.


Some human foods are safe for our furry friends, but some are not, and iKibble is the digital companion that gives you the lowdown on whether it’s wise to feed a dog a particular food. In fact, it goes a step further, listing those items that are actually healthy for our animal. You can dispense with the notes on your fridge, and stop frantically Googling for answers, all thanks to iKibble. It’s now free to use, though it does come with adds. Get it from the iOS store and Play Store today.

Dog Scanner

Dog Scanner is more of an educational tool that’s fun to use than anything else, but if you like to test your general knowledge, you’ll get a lot out of it. The setup is simple: point your camera at a dog in your vicinity and let the app tell you what breed it is. Crossbreed dogs will be similarly identified, and there’s only a person nearby, the app will cheekily tell you what breed they most resemble! There are plenty of opportunities to test your own knowledge, and badges/rewards are handed out for right answers accordingly. Get it for Apple or Android and get snapping.

Pet First Aid

In case of an emergency, have the Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross to hand. It tells you what to do in the case of an allergic reaction, bad bite, blood sugar emergency and more. There are helpful guides to steer you to the nearest vet, and preventative care and wellbeing guides too. This is not one you’ll want to have to consult regularly, but it’s good to have just in case. Get it for Apple or Android and benefit from some peace of mind in the process.


Chewy is a real mainstay of the dog community, and there’s a good chance you have this one already – but if not, do check it out. It has loads of great products you can order directly from the app, courtesy of thousands of different brands. Benefit from fast shipping, subscriber discounts and top-tier service. This is the Amazon of the doggy kingdom, and there’s a product for every need you could imagine.  Get it for Apple and Android.


And for a bonus app, download OUR Gingr for Pet Parents app. Make daycare, boarding, and grooming reservations, update your own and your pet’s information, buy packages and gift certificates, and much more. Download here and use code 911537.

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