Dogs make us laugh all the time. They roll around, make silly faces and do things we don’t expect. In these situations, we can’t help but descend into a fit of giggles.

But that got us thinking: which dog breeds crack people up most often? And is there even a way to quantify such a thing?

Well, the smart folk over at had an idea: why not analyze the top-performing “funny dog videos” on YouTube and work out which breeds appeared most often.

419 breeds were looked at in total, and here are the top five.

#1: Golden Retriever

Goldens have it all: the looks, the personality, and even the ability to make us laugh! Whether it’s letting a tiny cat sit on them; trying to work out how to use a paddleboard in a pool; or licking a baby’s head like it’s a pup of their own – Goldens will always catch you by surprise. They’re like humans, after all.

#2: Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is built to do a serious job: but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun too. Huskies are renowned for the funny expressions they get on their faces, and for their sometimes goofy character. This dog is built to survive harsh conditions, and a happy-go-lucky temperament is one such coping mechanism.

#3: French Bulldog

We’ve written about Frenchies a lot in the past, and with good reason. They’re big characters with a playful nature and a zest for life. Frenchies are smart and wonderfully sociable: they’re perfectly happy around children and OK with other pets too! Not to mention, they’re sure to make you giggle. Check out this video compilation of their cute characteristics on YouTube.

#4: Chihuahua

Like the Siberian Husky, the Chihuahua is famous for the funny faces it can make. It’ll often make particular expressions in an effort to communicate with you. And, if you catch her mouth agape, tongue lapping out over her front teeth, there’s a good chance she’s laughing.

#5: Corgi

There’s one word to describe a Corgi: goofball. These dogs seem to have a perpetual smile on their faces. They tilt their head, stick out their tongue, and give you the eyes – enough to make your heart melt. They roll around, make funny faces and behave like the cutest stuffed toy you’ve ever imagined. Quite simply, corgis are wonderful companions, and it’s no surprise they’re on this list.

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