If you were a dog, which breed would you be? Believe it or not, it’s one of the most Googled doggy questions of all. In this fun-filled piece, we’re going to take five personality archetypes and pair them with the dog that best matches that description. Appearances aren’t being placed under the microscope, only personality types. So, without further ado, let’s dig in and see where you sit. Ready?

The Workaholic
You eat and sleep work. If your house were to ever burn down you’d immediately grab your work gear before all else. A day off is a day wasted. So what’s the dog breed to match? Well, you can’t go wrong with the St Bernard. These gentle giants are working dogs through and through, regularly used in rescue missions and capable of tackling the toughest of jobs in the hardiest of conditions.

The Social Butterfly
You love the limelight and bask in the attention of others. Your ego is…well, let’s just say sizable. And before we forget, you can be a little bit bossy too. On the other hand, you’ve got a sensitive side and you mean well – in fact, you get along with people great.

Yup, you’re the Pomeranian, and you’ve got a backbone all right. No one tells you what to do and you won’t easily listen to people you don’t respect. Get the best out of a Pomeranian and you’ve got a dog who brings vigor to any social setting, but don’t be too nice – the Pomeranian wants to respect you first and foremost.

The Food Lover
If you’re not cramming your face with food, you’re dreaming about your next meal. This proclivity for a good meal means your tummy is on the softer side, but that suits your personality just fine: you’re happy enough taking orders so long as you’re not asked to expend too much effort. Most of all, when your stomach’s full, you’re nothing if not pleasant and friends think of you as the good-natured goofball.

Welcome to the Basset Hound, a dog that likes nothing more than to be fed. Thanks to their appetite, these small dogs are sturdier than they appear and can be tricky to coerce into action. Food is never a bad bargaining chip. Get them on your side and the Basset Hound will brighten up any day.

The Loner
Who needs a big circle of friends? You like your own company. Every now and then, on rare, select occasions, you’ll let that special someone join your circle. That very small circle. You’re not so much a loner, you insist, as picky about whom you spend time with!

Well, you’ll get on just fine with the Scottish Terrier, an aloof customer who has his favorite and disregards just about everyone else.

If making friends is a chore, you and the Terrier are a match made in heaven. In fact, you might even be the personification of this breed.

The All-Rounder
Every day is a breeze. You’re sport, popular, good-natured and you can’t find a single person who doesn’t like you. Oh, and you’re handsome too! Ah, life’s great, isn’t it? Sure, you’re not the most discerning customer, and that means you’re likely to get your fingers burnt now and then, but life’s meant to be enjoyed right? You’ll trust people you shouldn’t and get into business with the wrong sort, but that’s just because you get along with every Tom, Dick and Harry you meet.

Yep, you’re the Golden Retriever, a best friend for life, but a bit too friendly to act as your guard dog.