Welcome to the Under One Woof speed dating article, where we match you with the dog of your dreams.

Alright, so it’s not quite dating, but picking the right four-legged companion is a bit like choosing the right partner in life: it needs careful consideration and due concern for the work involved. 

With that in mind, let’s kick things off…

I’m new to dogs and live in an apartment with limited space

For singletons who live alone with limited space, a great option is the Bichon Frise – a beautiful, playful breed that doesn’t shed a lot of fur and doesn’t make a huge amount of mess. In short, these are low maintenance dogs.

If you have a bit more space – say, a small garden – consider the Airedale Terrier, which is another versatile breed with a courageous streak in spades. This, provided you don’t mind a little bit of noise (the Airedale likes to be heard from time to time) and can handle some shedding,

I used to own a dog, juggle a busy schedule, and have a low tolerance for noise

Want a dog that’s adaptable and dependable? Look no further than the Boston Terrier, which has what the AKC describes as a “tight tuxedo jacket” for fur and manners that will make you swoon. There’s a reason the Boston is known as “The American Gentleman” – he’s just that polite… and great around kids too.

I’ve got time on my hands to train a dog, and plenty of space too

Lockdown living have you at a loose end? Willing to invest some time into training? The Doberman Pinscher will keep you busy. These noble dogs are some of the best protectors around and they’re great with kids too. Make sure you’ve got space… and time on your hands. Put in the work, however, and you’ll get the most out of this noble breed. Not one that’s suitable for first-time owners.

I want a dog to go on an adventure with

If you’re on your own and craving an adventure alongside a doggy companion, you’d be mighty happy with a Beauceron. According to the AKC, these are especially beloved by women as they’re sensitive pets that have a fiercely protective streak in them. The Beauceron is also a very intelligent dog and easy to train, with a history that dates back to herding sheep in France.

I want a great family dog

The Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever are fairly obvious options, but you might also consider the Border Terrier, which will be a fun-loving addition to the home. Great around children, these dogs are easy to look after and have an upbeat demeanor. Other options include the Collie (think the movie Lassie) and Beagle (an impressive nose that will sniff out fun).

I’m getting older and want a companion I can relax with

Consider the Frenchie. These dependable companions don’t need a lot of exercise but make up for their slothful ways with bags of personality. It’s no surprise the French Bulldog has surged in popularity in recent times: they’re super easy to look after and suited to homes of all size.

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