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What Shots/Vaccinations do my dogs need?

For grooming all we require is up to date Rabies vaccination. We do strongly recommend that your dog has the Distemper combo and Bordetella (kennel cough) also.

How often should we get our dog groomed?

That really depends on the dog and type of coat. As a general rule we do recommend getting your pet groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.

Do you groom cats as well?

Unfortunately we do not currently have a cat groomer.

At what age should I start getting my dog groomed?

We love to start puppies young! 3 months is a great age to introduce your puppy to grooming. We don’t always have to give a haircut, but this is a great age to get them used to the different equipment that we use for grooming.

How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

Grooming books out anywhere from 1-2 weeks in advance, so call early to reserve your spot.

What Shots/Vaccinations do my dogs need?

Dogs 16 weeks of age and older must have veterinary proof of current Rabies, Distemper combo and Bordetella (kennel cough).
Puppies under 16 weeks must have veterinary proof of up to date Distemper combo and Bordetella (kennel cough).
We request that all pets be on a topical flea and tick preventative (preferably from a veterinarian). Flea collars are not allowed.
Monthly heartworm preventative is recommended.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered to come play?

All pets over seven months of age MUST be spayed or neutered.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

For Daycare we ask that you let us know by 8 pm the night before.
For Boarding we ask for 48 hours’ notice.
However, we can reach capacity as well so as soon as you know it will be needed, give us a call.

Do you take dogs with special needs?

Pets with special needs (medications, medical conditions, aged, etc.) are always welcome and accommodated.
All dogs will be screened prior to attending Under One Woofs’ Daycare or Overnight Services. We will assess your pet for play style and temperament to best meet both yours and your pet’s needs.
However: All pets must be non-aggressive and have no prior history of aggression toward other animals or people. Failure to disclose such information will result in denial or cancellation of services.

What if my dog is nervous?

We are happy to work with nervous or fearful dogs to help them be comfortable in our setting. However, staff must be able to touch and handle your dog. We ask if your dog has shown aggression towards people in the past you make other accommodations.

If I have two or more dogs is there a discount?

Yes! Households with 2 or more dogs save $1 per dog.

Is Open Play Daycare and Boarding right for every dog?

Unfortunately, this type of Daycare and Boarding is not for all dogs. Some dogs prefer the comfort of home, or the mellow setting of a kennel during the day. While other dogs can be too excitable to be in a large group setting. We do offer shorter trial and mini days if you are unsure how your pet will do.

Do you have an age limit that a dog has to be to come and play?

We do not have an age limit. We take dogs at any age, from puppies to the elderly.

Is an Evaluation or Trial Day Required?

For Daycare we do not require you to do a trial day, but we do recommend it if your dog has never been in this type of open play daycare.

We do Require a trial for Boarding. this is a 2 hour evaluation where we will see how your dog does in play, in a kennel, and how they interact with staff.

Are there any additional fees that may apply?

We do have things like Bonus items and Grooming services that can be added to your stay. In addition to these we do have a $5 fee for Peak days, a $5-10 fee for same day reservations (as space allows) and fees to administer medications. We also do charge $5 for Late or Early pick up. This can be avoided by letting staff know you are changing your dogs drop off or pick up time. There may be other additional fee’s for special requests/instructions. At this time, we do not charge a Cancellation fee, however we do ask that you call and let us know. No Showing on a Peak Day may result in additional fee’s.

If my dog comes for daycare, can you feed him during the day?

Yes! If your dog needs lunch we’d be happy to feed him during the day. Please bring your dog’s food in a baggie (please no glass), labeled with name. If your dog requires breakfast or dinner we ask that you feed them before or after their day of play. Not all dogs enjoy eating while here. If your dog decides not to eat 3 times you will be asked to keep his or her lunch at home.

How many days of daycare per week do you recommend?

It depends on your dog’s personality and your schedule. You can figure that your dog will be very tired for 1-2 days after each visit. If you have a youngster, 2-3 visits per week will help you keep your sanity. Older or mellower dogs do well with as little as 1 day per week.

Do you have a customer loyalty program?

We do have discount packages for frequent customers. They are divided between 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days a week.

Is someone in play with the dogs at all times?

Although we would like to be playing with the dogs non-stop this can not always be the case. It is not healthy for the dogs to play for 14 hours non-stop with out breaks, this can make them upset and crabby. If it’s a busy day sometimes playing and throwing the balls can overstimulate the pack, and this can cause conflicts.

Do you offer any after hours services?

We do not have any after hours services at this time. If you are unable to make it to pick-up your dog by closing, they will be boarded for the night. (all applicable fees will automatically be added to your total.)

What should I bring for a boarding stay?

Please bring enough food for your dog’s entire stay. (with a couple extra meals just in case) Feel free to bring their favorite bedding (please limit to 1 bed or 1 blanket) and up to 2 toys.

Where will my dog sleep?

We have individual boarding kennels assigned to your dog while it stays with us. This is where your dog will eat his or her meals and spend the night. They are 4’x4’x3′. Large enough to fit a Great Dane.

What is the difference between Standard and Deluxe Boarding?

For Standard Boarding your dog stays in a 4’x4’x3′ Kennel.

While with the Deluxe Boarding they receive a roomy 5’x10′ pen to spend the night in.

Will my dog miss me while I’m gone?

That’s the best thing about boarding your dog at Under One Woof! He’ll be so busy playing all day and so tuckered out by bedtime that he won’t have time to remember that you’re away!

What happens if I forget to bring food or if my dog runs out of food during his stay?

We do keep some extra food in stock in the event that you forget your dog’s food or if he runs out of food during his stay. The charge for the food is $5 per meal. However, it is in your dog’s best interest to bring plenty of food from home as switching dog foods can be stressful to your dog’s digestive system.

Are there any discounts for long boarding stays?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any discounts for long stays.

How to Use the Customer Portal
How can I access the Portal?
  • On our Website at the top of the screen click Register/Sign-In
  • Type in Email address or Phone # and click Continue Logging In
  • Enter Password and click Sign-In
    • If you are a current customer but new to the customer portal you may have to create a password and confirm your email address prior to continuing.
  • From here you can update your information, pets information, add new pets, and make Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming reservations.

For a Video Tutorial on Logging in click here.

What if the portal is telling me my email or phone number doesn’t match?

We may have a different number or email on file for you. Feel free to call or email us and we will make sure to update it to the correct one so you will be able to long in.

How do I make Daycare and Boarding Reservations from the Portal?

Here are a few links to videos for how to make reservations on the portal:
Daycare Reservations                                                             Boarding Reservations

  • From the home screen you can either click on the blue Request Services button or use the My Reservations drop down in the top bar, then click Request Services.
  • A pop up will appear. Click the Book Daycare or Boarding Now! button.
    • This will take you to the reservation screen.
  • Under Type select the Boarding or Daycare reservation you would like. (i.e. Daycare Full Day for over 5 hours)
  • Under Pet(s) Select your pets name. (If multiple pets you must select all that are attending)
  • For Start Date select the date you are planning to attend.
    • Portal reservations cannot be made on the same day and must be made prior 8 pm the night before.
    • For Daycare Reservations only the start date is Required.
  • For Boarding Reservations select the end date also.
  • Change the 1st time field to your drop off time (this is preset to 6:00 am)
  • Change the 2nd time field to your pick up time (this is preset to 8:00 pm)
  • If you would like any Additional Services click this bar and select the 5 Minute Grooming service, Bonus Item, or Nail Trim tab. (You may skip this step if not interested.)
    • Place a check mark next to desired items and select the date you wish these to be done.
      • Dates will correspond with reservation set at the top.
    • Click the blue Save button at the bottom.

Under One Woof will be made aware of your reservation request and will review it for approval.

How do I make Grooming Appointments from the portal?

For a Video Tutorial click here.

  • From the home screen you can either click on the blue Request Services button or use the My Reservations drop down in the top bar, then click Request Services.
  • A pop up will appear. Click the Book Grooming Now button.
    • This will take you to the reservation screen.
  • Under the Type drop down Select Grooming
  • Under the Service drop down Select Grooming Full Service
  • Then Select your preferred date.
    • For a groomer to have availability the time box must be green
    • A red box means that time is unavailable.
  • Scroll through for available dates using the arrows next to the date near the top of the page.
  • Once you find a Date and Green time that works for you click on that time. A new screen will appear, select the dog you want to have this time slot.
    • If you have multiple dogs you will need to do this entire process again for the second dog.
  • Once the dog is selected scroll to the bottom and click the blue Save button.

Under One Woof will be made aware of your reservation request and will review it for approval.