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“4,000 Square Foot Indoor-Park Setting Your Dog is sure to love…”

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A fun-filled alternative to leaving our best friends home alone that allows your dog to be active, get exercise, and socialize with other dogs and people.


Let our professional groomers treat both your dogs and cats to a full S-paw experience! Our caring and experienced groomers leave your pets feeling happier, healthier, and more outgoing.


Under One Woof guarantees each guest a comfortable, personalized stay with full access to Daycare benefits. All pets have endless exercise, socialization, and interaction.

Look what our customers have to say…

“Poppy LOVES daycare and we love that such a great place is available.”– Holly Pinger
“Me and my dog Scooter have had a great experience with both grooming and boarding. I would recommend them to all friends and family. ”– Linda Chiarella
“I loved the report card that I received when Bella was there! She was sooo tired after that I think she really enjoyed the day.”– Addy Kovar

Get To Know More About Our Services

As a center for pet boarding and dog daycare St Paul, MN and surrounding areas depend on, Under One Woof prioritizes giving pet owners a loving, caring, and dependable place for boarding, grooming, and daycare services for their dogs. Read below to learn more about our exceptional facilities and programs.

A Dog Daycare Stillwater, MN and Surrounding Areas Count On

In the event that you need to leave your home without your furry friend, it’s understandable to worry about where your dog can be cared for and supported. Our daycare program ensures that your loved one stays active, gets socialization with other dogs, and has their needs met. Get in touch with a dog daycare St Paul, MN and neighboring communities depend on with Under One Woof.

Caring and Safe
Boarding Services

Endless exercise, socialization, and personalized amenities await your dog with our boarding services. Dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience like no other, our team keeps your canine friend comfortable and secure in a place that feels like home. We encourage families to bring their own bed, toys, food, and medication to ensure that your pet receives everything they need while in our care. All boarding guests can also expect access to full daycare benefits.

A Professional, High-Quality Grooming Experience for Your Furry Friend

Under One Woof offers award-winning, comprehensive, and professional grooming services that will keep your pet clean, happy, and healthy! Our services include bathing, blow drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming and filing, and a trim or haircut of your choice. Let our team know how you prefer to have your pet groomed.

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Don’t hesitate to get your canine taken care of by a dog daycare Stillwater, MN and surrounding areas count on! Get in touch with Under One Woof to make your pet’s boarding, daycare, and grooming experience a memorable and comfortable one. We look forward to speaking with you!