For apartment dwellers, getting a pet can be a tricky situation. Aside from the many possible restrictions including breed, size, weight, etc., you must also consider your layout, neighbors, and the practicality of caring for your pet without a yard.

You may be surprised by which dogs thrive in city life. Below are five breeds that will make your apartment a home:

1.       Greyhound

You read that correctly, Greyhounds are fantastic apartment pets. Despite their title as one of the fastest dog breeds on the planet, Greyhounds are fairly lazy. They love nothing more than curling up on the couch and bathing in the sun.

With such easy-going temperaments, they don’t make much noise, which will keep your neighbors happy. Just be sure to get them out for a walk each day and allow them to stretch their legs with a quick run.

2.       Bulldogs

Both the English and French varieties of bulldogs are adept at apartment life. There’s no mistaking these wrinkly-faced cuties as two of the more “go with the flow” types. Bulldogs are well-known for their laziness and honestly, most can’t be bothered to leave the bed in the morning.

What they lack in exercise-maintenance they make up for in personality. Bulldogs are very stubborn but with proper training can be the best roommate you’ve ever had. Be warned, Frenchies are the more vocal of the two breeds.

3.       Bichon Frise

This people-pleasing breed is arguably one of the best apartment dogs out there. Small in stature and happy in personality, a Bichon is happy to tag along on your adventures or keep your spot on the couch warm. They are easy to socialize, obedient, and only weigh in around 15lbs., making them a no-brainer when it comes to complexes that have many restrictions.

As a bonus, Bichon’s are a low-shedding breed meaning you won’t be chasing around dust bunnies each day.

4.       Boston Terrier

Sporting all the smush-faced cuteness of a bulldog, Bostons bring a spunky vibe that any active adult or family will love. Their small size and eagerness to please make them a fantastic option for any age range. Much like the Bichon, Boston Terriers are happy to go where you go or keep an eye on the apartment when you run out.

However, they take after their French Bulldog cousins in the noisiness category. While nothing can top a Husky or hound howl, Bostons can be quite vocal if not properly trained.

5.       Mutts

Mixed-breed dogs are some of the best around because they can pick up the best genetic traits from their parents. If you’re interested in adopting a mutt, it’s worth doing your research on the assumed mix you’re looking at.

There’s no guarantee with any breed of dog, but mutts have a very dedicated fanbase for a reason. They tend to be healthier than their purebred counterparts and more level-headed. Being educated on the breeds can really help you spot a diamond in the rough that will look quite pretty in your apartment.