The holidays are quickly approaching and most people are busy crossing off boxes on their gift shopping list. It can be a struggle to find the perfect gift for those you love most, but when it comes to the dog lovers in your life, there are plenty of options.

For most dog owners, any gift showcasing their precious pooch is a hit. Here are some unique gifts for the dog mom and dad in your life this holiday season:

1.       Custom socks

Socks are a popular stocking stuffer but lack the pizzazz of some other gifts. Take socks from drab to fab with custom socks featuring your loved one’s dog! Companies like PupSocks are taking a gift staple and putting a custom spin on it. Choose your preferred sock color and then upload a clear, high-resolution photo(s) of your friend’s dog(s), and voila! Now your loved one will have one-of-a-kind socks featuring their furry best friend.

P.S. – Customized socks are all the rage as a wedding party gift as well!

2.       Dog-inspired jewelry

With the emergence of online marketplaces like Etsy, it’s easier than ever to find talented artists. Among them are craft and jewelry makers who design dog-inspired jewelry. Everything from breed-specific pendants, to paw print and nose print rings, you’re bound to find something for the dog enthusiasts in your life who also enjoy accessorizing.

3.       Blankets

One of the best parts of the cold holiday season is cuddling up with your pup. It goes without saying that cuddling with your dog in a blanket featuring his face? Even better! Similar to socks, there are several companies offering custom dog blankets. Choose to go the custom route and load a photo of your loved one’s dog, or go a bit broader and choose from plenty of pre-made dog designs. There is no wrong choice for this cozy gift.

4.       Pet Portraits

You’d be hard-pressed to meet a dog owner that doesn’t love taking pictures of their pooch. That’s why gifting someone a picture of their own dog is a no-brainer, and not just because it’s sure to be a hit, but because it’s easy for you to put together. Get a frame of your choosing and then through either social media (or the help of someone close to the dog), select a print photo of the dog to put inside.

If you really want to go above and beyond, consider working with a local photographer to do a mini session of pet portraits. If that’s too much, there are guides on how to use your smartphone to capture photographer-like images. Having high-quality photos of your dog is absolutely priceless for dog lovers.

5.       Books

Have a bookworm in your life that also adores dogs? There is no shortage of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that are sure to be page-turners. Whether it’s a helpful training guide for a new pet parent or an exciting adventure novel based on a true story (like Balto), there’s a dog book for everyone.