Want to reward your dog with a treat from the house? Haven’t got the time to get down to the pet store? Don’t worry, because dog food doesn’t need to come in a tin or a bag to be safe to eat.

In fact, it’s perfectly fine to feed your animal fruit, vegetables and proteins you’d normally eat yourself. It goes without saying that these foodstuffs shouldn’t be the primary part of a dog’s diet, but every now and then is fine. Here are five good choices – with caveats.

#1 Peanut Butter without Xylitol

Peanut butter is one of the most common household foods in America, and it turns out it’s a pretty nutritious meal for dogs, with plenty of healthy fats and good protein to boot. Beware of feeding your dog peanut butter that has Xylitol in it, however. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that humans are perfectly capable of stomaching, but an ingredient that is known to cause dogs problems. Check the packaging of the peanut butter you buy, as even a little bit of Xylitol can make your dog seriously ill.

It should go without saying that you want to avoid peanut butter spread with chocolate in it too. Dogs are incredibly allergic to chocolate. Also, look for a brand that has next to no added preservatives and as little sugar as possible. You might consider blending peanuts and butter and creating your own peanut butter mixture. There are dozens of recipes online to help you, and you’ll be controlling what’s going into the blender.

#2 Carrots

Dogs not only think carrots are delicious, but they also benefit from the vegetable’s natural fibers, and better yet, get a teeth cleaning too! Yes, the carrot’s crunchy exterior is good for canine dental health.

Carrots are also good for firming stools, and they’re packed with vitamin A, which supports healthy eyes, skin and a functioning immune system.

Don’t overdo the carrots right away – everything in moderation as they say – but rest assured that there’s no reason the occasional carrot can’t do your dog the world of good.

#3 Cooked chicken

Raw chicken is going to be very bad for your dog, but the cooked variety dogs love, and it’s the perfect protein if you haven’t got time to run out to the pet store for canned food. It’s also a very good opportunity to get rid of leftovers on your plate!

(As an aside, if you’re wanting to add in the cooked potatoes from last night’s meal, that’s fine too, provided they’re not raw. A peeled and cooked potato is one thing. But raw potatoes can cause dogs stomach upsets).

#4 Chopped Apples

There are some caveats here, but by and large, apples are a good vitamin-rich snack for a dog, and apples are good for the breath too.

Now, when you’re feeding an apple to your dog, never give it the core, as this can get stuck in the throat. Remove any of the seeds you might find, as they can be poisonous in large quantities. Finally, make sure you cut up the apple into small, manageable slices so the dog is able to get it down easily.

#5 Celery

Like the humble apple, celery is known to be a good cure for bad breath, and it’s also a good source of vitamins A, C, and K. Some experts say celery has cancer-fighting properties. It’s also a good weight-loss aide, so if your pup has a few pounds to shift, give them this vegetable to munch on. The chances are good they’re going to enjoy the crunch that comes with it.