At Under One Woof, we’re passionate about doggy daycare and take it seriously. But that’s not to say we don’t love cats too. Our feline friends are a big part of our lives, and they’re one of the most popular animals in households throughout America. Little wonder, then, that many people online pose a simple question: why are dog boarding services more common?

In this article, we’re going to explore that question and identify five reasons dog boarding homes might be a more common sight.

However, let’s start with an essential caveat…

…Cat boarding homes – catteries – do exist

There are indeed cat boarding homes – catteries – that you can take your feline to, and these often provide excellent expertise while serving a very real purpose.

That said, if you’re noticing many more dog boarding facilities, there might be a few simple explanations why…

#1: Cats are more solitary animals, and can be left at home more easily

It’s no secret that cats can get along in their own company, and don’t mind being on their own for extended periods of time.

By contrast, dogs need company and take very real strain from solitude.

Look no further than the way catteries and dog boarding homes work: in the latter, dogs are given ample time to play together, while in the former, cats are largely kept segregated.

#2: Cats are more likely to find a change in environment stressful

All animals will react to a change in environment, but cats seem to be especially prone to anxiety and might take longer to reorient themselves, with greater long-term effects to boot.

#3: Dogs need more supervision

Dog boarding is often more essential for the simple fact that a dog needs to be walked daily, whereas a cat can be left to its own devices. Cats are also very good at climbing and can burn excess energy in a more confined space.

#4: Catteries need to be more complex, and are thus harder to design and build

Cats, thanks to their climbing abilities, are expert escape artists. As such, catteries are often more complicated to build and so this might be a contributing factor to the number of catteries you see in circulation.

#5: Cats are more likely to get ill

Foreign dogs can play in close proximity with relative safety, but cats are more likely to pick up respiratory diseases from one another, so an element of segregation is important for this reason. All told, owners will often opt to keep their cat at home and have someone visit the house to keep the animal fed for all these reasons and more.  

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