Are you a dog lover? If you’re reading our newsletter or blog, the chances are good that you are. With that in mind, we want to talk today about Cesar Millan’s new show, which we think our clients will absolutely love.

Who is Cesar Millan?

Millan, as you might already know, is a Mexican-American dog trainer and TV personality who shot to fame with Dog Whisperer, a National Geographic show which ran from 2004 to 2012.

Millan has a particular style of training. He likes to rely on calm-assertive energy and believes dogs need exercise, discipline and affection – in that order. Strenuously working out a dog is key to ensuring they behave the way you want them to. But you also need to act as a pack leader, and refrain from showing weakness (raising your voice, for instance, is not the trait of a pack leader, and a sign of insecurity).

What’s the show called?

The show is dubbed Better Human Better Dog and is Millan’s first outing since 2017 (a few film appearances notwithstanding).

What’s the show about?

Cesar uses his unique wisdom and insight to teach problem dogs better habits. He works with aggressive Coonhounds, overbearing German Shepherds, destructive Dachshunds, unstable Rottweilers and more. 

The new show is rooted in the modern way of life: a time when Covid and other distractions have brought us closer to our four-legged friends than ever before. Adoption rates of dogs have sky-rocketed, and the premise is that owners need Cesar’s help more than ever.

Many of Cesar’s methods are easy to use in real life, so there are potentially practical real-world tips you can pick up from the show. But more than anything, it’s a chance to see Cesar work his particular brand of magic on our canine cousins,

When does the show start?

Episodes have started streaming as of 30 July 2021, and there are tens episodes forecast. No word as yet on whether a second season is forthcoming – though expect there to be more.

How many episodes are out?

The fifth episode, Pack Attack, airs on Friday the 13th of August. You can expect new episodes to drop every week on National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD, as well as Disney Plus.

Are you a fan of Cesar, like we are? Excited for the show? After four years away, he’s back and dispensing his tips and tricks again, so there’s every reason to kick the feet up on a Friday night and bring a world of canine intrigue into your home.

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