Living in a small apartment? Worried that your dog is going to bark constantly while you’re out the house at work?

For many dog owners, it’s a legitimate concern and something that soon becomes a headache when the neighbors ring to complain.

The good news? There are steps to take to combat the problem and put it to bed for good.

The first thing you’ll want is a camera that connects to your phone

If your neighbors are complaining about the dog barking, there are two things you want to establish. One, that it’s really your dog making the noise, and two, the frequency with which it’s happening.

Something that’ll cover both bases? A home camera.

Amazon sells a myriad home cameras that you sync with your phone, enabling you to keep an eye on your furry friend even when you’re at work.

If your dog is the cause of the disruption, you’ll be able to get a handle on the regularity and severity of the situation using this method.

The number one thing to combat the problem? Exercise your dog before work

Dogs might bark when you’re not there because they’re lonely, but the root cause is often frustration. Cooped up with nowhere to go, she’ll turn to making a noise to communicate her displeasure.

Get up earlier than normal and take your dog for a long walk. Engage in a game of throw and catch. The goal is to tire her out so that when you leave, she’s more content to be on her own.

Get your dog a toy or a bone to play with while you’re out

Dogs love distractions. A bone is always a good option, as are food toys that dogs can amuse themselves with. The added bonus of some smeared peanut butter at the end of the game is always an added treat.

Another great tip? Calming music often helps

Lots of studies show that music can keep your dog calm – provided it’s a soothing melody.

With something like an Alexa in your life, you can control the music at home remotely, putting it on and off as required.

Opt for something like classical music to get your dog in a calm state.

Dog collars with pheromones are always an option

You can buy dog collars online that release pheromones. Basically, these pheromones mimic the chemicals that a mother releases when she’s looking after her pup. The idea is to lull your dog into a sense of security and to make it feel like it is being comforted. Lots of people say these collars work, so they’re worth a try.

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