It’s the season of love. Valentine’s Day consumed the past weekend and romantics all over America treated their partners to something special.

But did you know that the biggest romantics might be dog owners?

According to – via Cesar’s Way – our furry friends are very good for fostering stronger bonds with our partners.

The site recently ran a survey in which it polled 1,500 Americans to discover the link between dogs and romance. The findings were interesting to say the least – and here are some standouts.

Nearly everyone agrees that a dog makes a household feel more complete
86% of respondents said that a dog makes a household feel familial, and this helps partners to grow closer in turn. Thanks to having a dog, 56% of those surveyed said they spent more time with their partner as a result.

Dogs help us to trigger oxytocin – the love hormone
The chemical oxytocin, which is responsible for feelings of love, is often triggered when we make eye contact with our furry friends. And what’s more, dogs can feel our affection for them. In fact, they return it in kind.

Our partners respect us when we treat our animals well
71% of respondents were more attracted to their partner based on the way that person treated and cared for the dog in their lives.

Dog lovers are likely to spend as much on their dogs as their partners
Nearly 90% of respondents claimed they would spoil their dog to the tune of a $50 treat on Valentine’s Day. For 1/3 of respondents, that was as much as they’d spend on their human partner!

Dogs are good for our dating profiles
The Rover survey illustrated that a whopping 72% of singles are more likely to click on a dating profile “that features a dog in the photo.”

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