2020 has been quite a year, but the good news is that a fresh start is upon us, and 2021 promises new beginnings. What better way to mark that than with a new pup for the home? In the list to follow, we pinpoint three Working breeds that don’t always get the most love and attention – but make great additions to the home.

Cane Corso

There’s every chance you haven’t come across the Cane Corso before. These are dogs that were confined to the south of Italy all the way up to 1988, but are becoming more and more popular in America, and with good reason. Not only are they intelligent and beautiful, they’re also master bodyguards. Ears pinned back… ready to pick up the slightest sound; eyes that observe the world around him… this is a bodyguard like few others.

Nonetheless, the Corso is also a wonderful family pet and though it needs proper socialization early on, it’s eager to please and loyal almost to a fault.


We’re sticking with dogs that are on the larger size here, as the Newfoundland weighs a mighty 150 pounds and can stand 28 inches. These dogs herald from Canada and are born to swim in the coldest North Atlantic water. Their big, strong coats keep them warm and their sheer size makes most onlookers do a double take.

One thing that makes a Newfoundland stand out – other than their obvious size – is how good they are with kids. Though you will of course need to socialize a dog that will end up heavier than most humans, “Newfies” are gentle giants that would bring a lot of joy to your home in 2021.


Unless you live in New Hampshire, you might not have heard of the Chinook. This breed comes in at 190th (out of 196 spots) in the AKC list of the most popular dog breeds in America. That said, it’s held up as something of an icon in New England and with good reason. It was bred by the gold rush explorer Arthur T Walden, who lived in New Hampshire, and who crossed a female Greenland Dog with a mix of St Bernard/Mastiff.

As of 2020/2021, the Chinook is a rarity. With only a few hundred in existence, the asking price may make you baulk. But if you want a Working dog with a difference, and one that few others outside of New Hampshire will even have heard of, you’ll find that the Chinook brings a beautiful light to the home.

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