So you’re living alone and you’re wanting some company; some company in the form of a furry canine friend. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Of course not! That being said, certain dog breeds are better suited to singles than others. With that in mind, here are the breeds to consider – and why.

Option 1: Golden Retriever
Ah, heck – Retrievers are suited to just about anyone… they’re just so lovable. And they’re particularly great companions for first-time owners, because they have such a down to earth personality,

Option 2: German Shepherd
If you’re looking for a dog to keep you safe, look no further. German shepherds are dependable guard dogs that’ll stick to your side no matter what. They’ve been used for years by the police and military and are intelligent, easily-trained animals. Just bear in mind that they require a fair bit of exercise.

Option 3: Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkies are small in stature but large in spirit. They’re the perfect companion in a small apartment, as they require very little space, but keep things endlessly entertaining. For singles who want a dog that’s not too imposing, a Yorkshire Terrier might just do the trick.

Option 4: French Bulldog
Transform your social occasions with a Frenchie at your side. These adorable dogs command attention wherever they go. What’s more, they’re low maintenance additions to the home, requiring only a tiny bit of grooming. Plus, their loyalty means they’ll follow you through thick and thin.

Option 5: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Who doesn’t love a King Charles Spaniel? They’re as cute as a bug’s ear and very willing to be trained. They’re also easygoing, so they can be left with family members or sitters without fuss. Invest in a comb to keep the coat looking good and be sure to bath your King Charles from time to time as well.

Option 6: Bulldogs
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? And for many people, a bulldog is the most adorable thing ever. What’s more, bulldogs are easy to keep happy, and they don’t mind living in a confined space. If you’re on your own and you want a dog that’s going to dote on you day and night, bring a bulldog into your home.

Option 7: Pug
Want to hit the dating scene hard? Get a pug. They’ll be irresistible to passer-byers, and they absolutely revel in social situations. Go on: look at those puppy dog eyes. How could anyone resist such an animal (and, by extension, you).

Option 8: Boxer
Boxers are a jack of all trades. They have the size and imposing personality of a guard dog, but the playfulness of a far smaller breed, and the capacity to keep you guessing. Boxers are great fun to have in the home.

Option 9: Boston Terrier
Thanks to their short coats, Boston Terriers require very little grooming, though daily exercise is a must. If you live near a park, and you find this breed cute, a Boston Terrier is a great option for any singleton.

Option 10: Great Dane
Got a bit of space in your home? Want to make a statement? Why not consider a Great Dane? These gentle giants are wonderful friends and, consequently, potential soulmates for anyone who’s living alone.

Of course, you might consider adopting a dog from a shelter. Mongrel breeds are in need of love too, and they’ll be forever indebted to your kindness. For a companion that never lets you down, a mutt is a great choice too.

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