We’re living in strange times, but even with social distancing measures in place, there are lots of ways to enjoy a spectacular day out in the summer sunshine.

Hiking is a particular favorite, and one that’s well suited to dogs as well. A trip together will not only burn excess energy (for the both of you), it’ll be an opportunity to bond as well.

Before you set out, heed a few of our tips for a successful outing.

Make sure your dog is up to the task

When it comes to tackling tough terrain, the breed matters. A long-legged Labrador Retriever can manage 10 miles with relative ease, but shorter-legged dogs like the French Bulldog will begin to feel the pinch far quicker. Do some research online before you set out to ascertain what sort of hike is best suited to your four-legged friend.

Age is another consideration. Older dogs that suffer from arthritis are probably not suitable. Speak to a vet if you’re unsure of what you’re getting into.

Plan your route

Following on from the point above, make sure you know how far you’re likely to be travelling. Settle on a hike that’s well travelled and backed by plenty of information online (it should be dog-friendly too). Armed with info, you’ll be able to stick to the specific distance you have in mind.

And while it should go without saying, make sure you to stick to specified paths when out in the wilderness.

Bring a kennel

To ensure your dog is safe during the journey (a dog seatbelt harness works as well).

Ensure you bring plenty of water

Dogs aren’t able to easily cool down, so irrespective of the temperature, make hydration a priority.

Don’t forget to pack snacks

Snacks are a great way to keep energy levels high (for both you and your pooch). At the very least, make sure you’ve given your dog food to eat before you set out.

In addition, it’s always useful to have treats to reward your dog for good behavior.

A good leash matters

A sturdy leash is a must, not only to control your dog, but to give you the option of securing your animal to a specific spot along the trial.

Take doggie bags with you

When nature calls, you’ll want a doggie bag to clean up the waste.

Finally, make sure your dog is properly tagged/chipped so should the unthinkable happen, you’ve got a way to bring him/her home. Once back at the house, hike done, check your dog for fleas/ticks. Happy hiking – and we hope to see you at Under One Woof soon.

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