In this week’s article, we’re going to address common questions dog lovers are posing online. We’ll attempt to answer why dogs are scared of fireworks, the number of breeds recognized in the United States, and whether dogs process thoughts! So strap in, because it should be a fact-filled addition to the blog, and a great read in our weekly newsletter.

What age do dogs stop growing?

You’re the owner of a new pup and in a matter of weeks, she’s rocketed up in size. Meal portions are growing, energy levels are on the rise, and all you can keep asking is: when will she stop growing?

Well, small breeds typically reach their full height after 6-8 months while medium-sized breeds are typically there after a year. If you’ve got a large breed – say, a Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Rottweiler or German Shepherd – they can keep growing until they’re 18 months of age.

Yelp. Yep – it pays to do your research when buying a puppy. They’re cute and easily tamed when small, but depending on the breed size, your furry friend can look very different two years down the line.

How long are dogs in season for

Female dogs are in season for 2-4 weeks on average and usually come into season twice a year – every six months or so. However, again, breed size matters. Small dogs may enter season three times in a year, while the biggest breeds may only come into season on one occasion in the year.

Do your research on the breed type you own to find out more.

Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

Dogs don’t have the best eyes, but they have exceptional hearing. This, coupled with their inability to understand what the fireworks are for, triggers a natural fight-or-flight response in them.

Keep your animal calm by abstaining from letting off fireworks in your own garden, and keep windows and curtains closed to muffle the sound of your neighbors’. Put on some music, or the TV, to provide a distraction during the celebration.

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

According to research over at, the sound of a squeaking toy might actually convince our dog that she’s injuring her prey. This, science says, “activates [her] hunting instinct.” You might notice that your dog no longer takes interest in the toy when the squeaking mechanism is broken. That’s because she thinks she’s killed the prey, and her job is done.

Fascinating stuff.

How many breeds of dogs are there?

The American Kennel Club, the foremost authority on our furry friends in the United States, recognizes 197 official dog breeds. Check out the link to the left to see the year they were recognized.

Did you know? The first dog recognized by the AKC was the Pointer in 1878. The most recent, at the time of writing? The Biewer Terrier (2021), a rare variant of the Yorkshire Terrier.

What do dogs think about?

This one is, of course, impossible to definitively answer, but scientists believe that dogs feel simple emotions like fear, happiness and pain. They can also feel – and express – love.

Given that dogs have feelings, dogs likely have thoughts too, and their memories are good enough to be trained to perform complex tasks.

In all likelihood though, our furry friends only have a few simple thoughts occupying them throughout the day: eat, play, sleep.

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