Can you feel it? 2019 is here.

What better time to turn over a new leaf and start giving your dog the sort of attention they deserve?

While we all strive to be good pet owners, here are some goals to keep in mind in the year ahead.

Make exercise a bigger priority

Almost certainly your dog would benefit from more exercise. Exercise is the number one way to bond with your animal, and the best way to give a dog a happy life.

A 30-minute walk every day is the bare minimum, but if you can find time to up that number, do.


2019 is the perfect opportunity to start trying out some new activities with your dog. Why not indulge a spot of hiking if there are good trails near you?


The more you find time to get outdoors together, the more restful home life will be.


Make more time for play


Tug of war, fetch, hide and seek are all games dogs enjoy playing.


In fact, playtime should be a big priority in 2019.


Dogs that don’t get to exercise their free-spirited side often enough are more likely to chew up furniture, display aggression towards other dogs, and demonstrate anti-social behavior in the home.


Playtime is a great opportunity for a dog to expend their excess energy.


Do a spot of shopping online to find doggy toys that you like the look of, then use the New Year as an opportunity to see how fun you can make the home.


Visit your vet


We all know that heading to the vet regularly is an important component of being a good pet owner, but if you’re like many Americans, you’ve let the regular check-ups fall by the wayside.


Schedule a visit to your local veterinary expert in 2019 to get your dog looked at in full.   


Another point: if your vet helped you microchip your dog, make sure this information is accurate as of 2019. It’s the right time to make those all-important updates if not.


Overhaul their diet


Are you feeding your dog the optimal foods? Would they benefit from a tweak to the foods they’re eating daily? Speak to your vet about what you’re giving them and make a switch if necessary. Dogs, as they grow older, not only benefit from different foods, but different quantities as well. Older dogs typically need to eat less frequently than younger dogs, so bear this in mind.


Up your grooming game


Make brushing a bigger priority in 2019. A dog that is groomed regularly is not only a happy dog, she is less likely to molt. Plus, her coat will look shiny, and it’ll be an opportunity for the two of you to “bond” as well.


Grooming includes oral hygiene. It might sound gross at first, but get in to the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush, using dog-approved toothpaste (not the human variety).


You don’t need to clean your dog’s teeth every day – three times a week is ideal.


Invest in the dog’s wellbeing


Ultimately, an animal is a big responsibility, best suited to people who are serious about providing a good home for their dog, and in the end, there is no substitute for quality time together.


A dog that receives attention and is made to feel doted on will be better-adjusted and far calmer than the neglected alternative.


Chances are you’re balancing work commitments with your home life, but make time every day for the pet in your life, and ensure that weekends are an opportunity to get out and about too.


In the end, we know most of these things already, but a new year is the perfect time to reinforce these ideals and stick to them once and for all.