2019 has come and gone and with it, a new decade has arrived. It’s the perfect time, then, to take stock of your role as a doggy parent, and to focus on the things you can do better. Because we can all do better – right?

Resolution #1: Get more exercise with your dog
A daily dose of walking, running and play-time does wonders for your dog’s mind – and it’s great for you too. This year, endeavor to take your dog on a walk every day after work. Being out in the open air will clear your mind and give you an opportunity to bond with your animal.

Resolution #2: Set a routine in stone
Routine is the gel that binds owners and pets. Dogs, in particular, like to know what they’ve got to look forward to on the horizon, and you’ll curb a lot of antisocial behaviors simply by giving them meals and exercise at the same time every day. What’s more, the extra rigidity might well bleed into your own day… helping you do away with bad habits and become more productive at the same time.

Resolution #3: Pay more trips to the vet
The vet should be used as a preventative measure, not a last resort, but despite this many of us are guilty of going only when our dog is ill. In 2020, stick to a twice-yearly schedule. This will ensure you can anticipate any potential speedbumps on the horizon. And by acting swiftly, well before an illness/injury has had time to worsen, you’ll put your dog’s health first.

Resolution #4: Get your dog in front of a specialist trainer
It’s tempting to think that we can snap our fingers, bark a command, and our dog will immediately obey us. The reality? Obedience training takes time, so if you’ve been putting specialized training off make 2020 the year you finally take the plunge. It’s never too late to teach a dog new tricks, though the sooner you do it the better.

Resolution #5: Invest in your dog’s diet
Obesity is fatal in both dogs and humans, so if your pup is packing on the pounds, speak to a vet about the types of food you should be putting on their plate. Foods packed with additives and preservatives are usually a no-go – the fewer ingredients on the back of the tin the better.

Resolution #6: Make grooming a priority
Whether it’s brushing your dog’s teeth or grooming their coat, help your dog remain in tip-top shape in 2020. Invest in a proper doggy toothbrush, acquire a doggy comb, and make bath times a regular occurrence. The same goes for cleaning bedding –

Resolution #7: Buy new toys
All dogs have an appetite for play, even later in life. Freshen up the toys in your home and give your animal a few new things to mess around with. Leave the toys around their bed area so that they quickly become familiar additions to the home.

By investing in your dog, you’re investing in yourself. In the end, a happy dog contributes to a happy, vibrant home. So in the spirit of a new year, make 2020 the best 365 days of your doggy parenting life.

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