Dogs are a part of the family. As such, we find ways to include them in all facets of life – from getting the house with the backyard, to renting dog-friendly vacation homes and even including them in our most momentous.

It only makes sense that as dogs become more ingrained in our families that couples are finding ways to include their fur babies in wedding ceremonies and receptions. Here are some fun ways to make sure your pooch gets a moment to shine on the big day:

Find a Pet-Friendly Venue
Many wedding venues are becoming pet-friendly as millennials have made the push for more places to be accommodating to their pets. While bringing a dog to a wedding venue poses a unique set of challenges, many couples will tell you that it’s worth it.

Work with local venue owners and managers to determine if dogs are allowed on the property and any restrictions that may come along with it. Keep in mind that you may want to find a “dog sitter” to keep an eye on your dog during the hectic hours leading up to and during the celebration. But when coordinated correctly, having your dog by your side at the venue is a priceless memory.

Name Food or Drinks in their Honor
Signature cocktails and dishes are all the rage these days with many couples choosing to use the names of their dogs as inspiration. If your dog and venue are not a good fit to attend the ceremony, naming a drink after your dog is a fun way to keep them top of mind.

You can even source artists to illustrate custom signs that detail the drink or food and include a photo of your dog.

Include Your Dog in the Décor
There aren’t many rules when it comes to wedding décor. So, if all else fails, find décor items that bring your dog to the wedding. Printing photos or canvases of your dogs is an easy option, but the following add some flair:

  • Wedding cake topper: Who needs the bride and groom on the cake? Ditch the traditional topper for a unique figurine resembling your dog! We all know he would be guarding the cake anyway.
  • Table numbers: Instead of table numbers, opt to name your tables after your pets. Or frame your favorite photos of your dog and number them accordingly.

Donate to a Dog Rescue
There’s no better way to honor your pooch than to donate to dogs in need. Many couples are choosing to forego traditional registries in favor of having guests donate to pre-selected charities. If you rescued your dog, or volunteer at a local shelter, consider switching up your registry to include those organizations.

Some rescues will work with couples to create guest favors in exchange for a donation. Reach out to the organizations that mean the most to you and see how you can use your celebration to help them raise save more dogs.