In part two of this fun series (read part one here) we’re going to look at yet more dog breeds and dig in to the characteristics they usually share in common with their owner.

In other words – what does your dog breed say about you?

Do you own one of the breeds listed below? Do they share your temperament? Let us know in the comments feed.

Boston Terrier
You’ve got plenty of spunk, and a bit of a bark to boot. You make a noise and like to be noticed, but in reality, you’re a sensitive soul and a great listener as well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
You get lonely easily, but you’re not someone who craves being the center of attention either. Like the Cavalier, you don’t like to draw attention to yourself – you’re mostly on the quiet side. Despite your reserved characteristics, you’re extremely loyal and dependable.

Ah, you’re the life of the party. Never without friends, you’re constantly making people laugh. Like your Corgi companion, you can be stubborn too of course. And when you don’t get your way? Well, there’s usually hell to pay.

You’ve got a tough exterior. You might even come across as dominating. That, coupled with your natural smarts, makes you intimidating to most people. But if you’re anything like your Doberman, this competence masks a natural kind-heartedness.

You’re a bit of a looker, aren’t you? Certainly, looks matter to you. And with the Husky at your side, you’ve got one of the most beautiful dogs in the world to call your own. Yes, Huskies are magnificent to behold, and they’re also graceful in action. You and your doggy companion love the outdoors – absolutely love staying active.

Golden Retriever
You’re about as nice as can be and never without a smile on your face. Chances are you have a family, and the Golden Retriever is a valued member of it. You’re not in need of a guard dog, merely a friendly companion who’ll always welcome strangers to the door with a good-natured bark and tail-wag.

Great Dane
Your outward appearance is intimidating. You’re big and if you’re like the Dane, a little bit silent. But deep down you’re soft – and dare we say it, something of a pushover.

Labs are a lot like Golden Retrievers. Happy and personable. Labs might be even more playful, however, and they don’t take life too seriously. Are you the same?

You like your down-time as much as the next person – perhaps even more than the next person. After all, there’s nothing like a nap in the day, though when you are awake, you’ve got energy for days.

You blaze your own trail come hell or high water. What does it matter if you annoy a few people along the way? It’s all about being bold and, most of all, true to yourself.

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