As the world faces the unprecedented effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, here at Under One Woof we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you through these trying times.

Whether you’re in self-isolation or able to leave the house, there’s plenty to grapple with.
Given we’re based in Minneapolis, and a Minnesotan business, we’re going to concentrate on this state specifically, but no doubt the advice listed here will be applicable no matter where in the US you are – and the world at large.

If you are leaving the house, keep 6 feet apart from other people

Not displaying symptoms? Looking to walk the dog? Be mindful of the 6 feet rule, which mandates that people keep more than 6 feet apart. The virus is a respiratory illness and spreads through breathing and physical contact, so keep your distance.

Do not use public parks if you are displaying symptoms

While the urge to walk your dog (and leave the house) might be strong, do not enter the public domain if you’ve got any of the tell-tale symptoms.

Symptoms include:

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Fever or high temperature
  3. A cough, dry or otherwise
  4. A persistent headache

While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have Covid-19, worldwide health bodies are advising you self-isolate for fourteen days to ensure you don’t act as a potential carrier for the virus.

In this event, it might be necessary to enlist a dog walker to keep your dog exercised; alternatively, pick up some dog-friendly games online at retailers like Amazon to help your animal through this trying time.

If you’re displaying symptoms, consider enlisting the services of support groups

Apps like Nextdoor put you in contact with people in your immediate area. Reach out to people about walking your dog if you’re unwell, or suspect you might be a carrier for the virus.

In these extraordinary times, people have banded together to help one another, and you’re likely to find a willing walker within hours.

The upshot? Rather be safe than sorry – don’t take the risk of leaving the house when you’re unwell. What’s more, apps like Nextdoor can be used for groceries, dog and human food and more. Community groups have sprung up on Facebook facilitating similar services – and these services are free of charge.

Be mindful of park closures

If you are healthy and itching to go for a walk, plan your journey by checking for park closures. For instance, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board reports that St Anthony Dog Park will be closing on the 30th of March for a week. It’s better to prepare ahead of time than be caught cold.

Wash your hands before and after a walk

Proper hand hygiene is the number one way to stop the spread of the virus, so always wash your hands before you set off, and as soon as you get home. Put leashes and dog apparel in the wash too, and prioritize hygiene in all its forms during these extraordinary times.

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