One of the most popular articles on Under One Woof examines happy dog breeds. It gets lots of traffic, and we can see that people are interested in similar stories around the topic. 

With that in mind, we’ve crafted a companion article that specifically focuses on big, happy breeds. These are the lovable goofballs that flop down on the couch with a sigh and wolf down enough food for an army. 

In the end, we all want a pet that’s easy to get along with and brings joy to our lives. 

St Bernard

He’s got a somewhat sorrowful face, but the big Bernard is the definition of contentment. Whether he’s snuggling up with the fam or tasked with hours of backbreaking work, he doesn’t break stride. While they’re not always the best around other dogs, St Bernards are well known for being excellent with children and family members. 

Labs and Golden Retrievers

Do dogs get any happier? It seems that nothing you throw at a Lab or Golden can put it in a bad mood. That’s until, of course, the whole family is sad about something: in these moments Retrievers feel the mood and join in on feeling down. 

Wonderfully kind, yet playful, these dogs are a hit with families the world over. They’re incredibly easy to look after, though they do need regular walking and a careful diet. Both breeds have a tendency to eat whatever they see. Then again, they might just say they have a lust for life’s pleasures!


These slobberballs make wonderful pets. They’re quiet, easygoing, and rarely kick up a fuss. Weighing up to 230 pounds, they’re properly-sized heavyweights of the doggy kingdom, but the good news is that they’re good natured around the entire fam. Mastiffs aren’t quite as accommodating of other dogs, however, as they don’t like to share the spotlight. 

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are proper working dogs that have been domesticated and brought into the family fold. They’ll need training at first – and this training can take a few months to get right – but once they know what’s expected of them, they’ll be as good as gold. German Shepherds are naturally people-pleasers, a trait that serves them well in the armed forces and police service. Again, like many of the breeds on this list, they’re not quite as friendly with other doggos.


We might be saving the most laidback for last. Newfoundlands, one of Canada’s most beloved breeds, are sweet, even-tempered, and very good around other pets too. If you’ve got a bustling family with lots of other dogs (or cats), Newfoundlands will slot in like a glove. They don’t make a lot of noise, they don’t need a huge amount of walking, and they’ll share their space with others. 

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