Every breed in the doggy kingdom is different. Personalities, exercise requirements and temperament wildly vary, and while an Akita, Chihuahua and Chow Chow all have their respective merits, they don’t make the best family dogs – especially if you have young children.

So which dogs are well suited to young families? Which are the dogs that are as comfortable with an adult as a tot? And which are the breeds that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Well, stay tuned as we reveal several great options.

Retrievers (Labs and Golden Retrievers)

Labs are a mainstay in the doggy kingdom and for good reason – they’re just about the most beloved pets in existence. Every year, the American Kennel Club publishes its rundown of the most popular breeds, and the Labrador Retriever is atop that list almost every time. So what makes a Lab so good with families and children alike?

For one, they’re temperamentally sound. Good natured to a tee, they get along with just about anybody, and despite needing a fair bit of exercise, they’re relatively low maintenance as well. What’s more, you only have to take one look at a Lab to instantly fall in love. They’re adorable people-pleasers with a gentle spirit.

While we’re at it, another member of the Retriever family – the Golden – is also tailor-made for young families. Like the Lab, these playful dogs need plenty of exercise, but they’re big-hearted and ever-friendly. In fact, the Golden is so kind, it’s regularly used a guide dog for people without vision.

Bulldogs and Pugs

They might have a rugged appearance, but Bulldogs are softies at heart. In fact, they’re just about the most laidback breed in the doggy kingdom with a patient and loving streak. In short, these short-snouted characters are the perfect fit for your family.

Prefer something even smaller? Who doesn’t love the Pug – a companion for every occasion who likes nothing more than getting cozy on the couch?


Beagles are gorgeous hounds that come in two sizes. On the one hand, you get the type that stands below 13 inches, and on the other, you get the group that measures between 13-15 inches. No matter which you get, these are merry dogs with an appetite for life and an infectious curiosity. As with any breed on this list, socialize your Beagle from an early age and reap the benefits of an animal that gets along brilliantly with children.

Collie Fans of Lassie will already have the Collie in their hearts, but for everyone else, these loyal dogs that make great additions to the family home. Yes, they do shed a lot of fur, but there is a “sleeker” alternative that negates that problem almost entirely. Longhaired, shorthaired – it doesn’t matter: the Collie is a gentle, happy soul.

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