Dogs will look to leave the confines of your yard for all sorts of reasons.

For one thing, dogs left on their own for long periods of the day will try to force a social interaction with someone by getting out into the open world.

For another, they might be bored; dogs left to idly look after themselves for hours on end will try to force stimulation.

Another reason is innately feral: unneutered males might catch the scent of a female on heat and try to get to her.

With these reasons in mind, here are a few steps to take to keep your dog safely within the confines of your yard.

Make use of perimeter fencing

It goes without saying, but an unfenced property is going to increase the likelihood of your dog going walkabout. Either a physical or electronic fence will do the trick.

Next, consider placing chicken wire under the ground to prevent your dog from digging its way out of the enclosure.

Consider doggy daycare if you’re away for long periods of time

Dogs need stimulation, and they’re particularly susceptible to loneliness. A daycare center will provide the necessary supervision and stimulation to quell the desire to roam with abandon. Your dog will be well-looked after and will make some friends at the same time.

Up the exercise

Tiring out your dog is a great way to put a stop to bad habits. Try to give him a walk every day and explore new routes to keep excitement levels high. Heading out at the same time of the day is advisable too: it’ll provide the sort of structure he’s looking for in day-to-day life.

Spray/neuter your dog

Perhaps the biggest reason dogs go walkabout is the need to find a mate. Spaying or neutering your dog (depending on the sex) will curb this instinct; don’t feel bad either… dogs that have had the procedure often turn out to be far more content.

What’s more, many unwanted puppies are sent away to live difficult lives without the proper care and supervision they need. You can rest assured you’re keeping doggy numbers down – something of a public service in some states in America.

Finally, a neutered male is likely to live a longer life; is less likely to get injured in fights, and will display overall higher levels of happiness.

Check out our in-depth article on the topic to discover more.

Ultimately, no one wants to lock an animal away, but you do need to make sure your dog isn’t running amok. More exercise, more stimulation and a trip to the vet for a snip will all do the trick.

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