Can you believe it? The year is nearly over. 2021 has been a wild ride for us all, but out in the doggy kingdom, the basics of dog ownership haven’t changed. Dogs need a pack leader to follow; plenty of exercise; and a structured routine to call their own.

Throughout the year, however, we’ve gone beyond the simple fundamentals and covered a lot of other ground too: from food tips to great dog cities, our weekly digest has been packed with informative advice. In today’s story, we’re covering five of the most popular stories from the year, with five more to follow in part two.

Ranking the best cities for dogs in the United States

In October, we ran a story looking at the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. The study was undertaken by Honest Paws, who looked at a series of ranking factors to determine their results.

Tampa, Portland and Orlando were ranked 1, 2 and 3 respectively. At the very bottom of the pile were Milwaukee, Louisville and Indianapolis, with the latter scoring the least number of points of all.

Though only cities with 100,000 people or more feature, it’s an interesting read. To find out more on dog-friendly cities in the US, check out the story in full.

How we do things at One Woof

Earlier in the year, in March, we decided to explain how our daycare, boarding and grooming services work.

We talked to founder Kristi Sonnee about the process, what happens when a new dog is brought in, and some of the most unusual breeds she’s seen since starting the business in 2014.

(Some unusual breeds include Xolo, Basenji and Sharpei. To get the full list, however, head over to our profile on the business).

Harmful foods for your dog

Dog safety is hugely important, so at the start of 2021, we ran a story on harmful foods for your dog (and the safe alternatives that you can rely upon).

Veggies like onions and garlic are no-nos, while carrot sticks are perfectly fine; avocado should be avoided, but apples and oranges are good to go. Major food groups your dog should avoid include caffeine and chocolate and even the artificial sweetener Xylitol (which is present in chewing gum and toothpaste). Take a look at the story in full for more.

Weird dog behaviors

Have you ever wondered why your four legged friend periodically buries stuff in the backyard, or likes to sniff everything in his surroundings – including you? Our recent post on strange dog behaviors reveals all.

Whisper quiet breeds

If you want a dog but find that you’re particularly noise intolerant, you’ll like our article on five of the quietest dog breeds: be it the Basenji, Africa’s “barkless dog”, or the Greyhound, there’s a breed for everyone – whether you’re in a small apartment or a larger home with a garden.

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